Hey Business Mamas! I'm so happy to have you here!

I'm Janet Mercredi, a Profit Money Coach and I specialize in helping service based business make more Profit.

If you're making between $250,000-$500,000, you've likely paid in sweat equity to get to that point. You've created a level success that looks better than it feels. I believe it shouldn't be so hard to offer an amazing experience and make a profit.

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Profit First Free Resources


Here are some free resources to start you on the path to financial freedom. 

No gimmicks, no strings attached what's inside is completely free. Consider it my gift to you! 

Your Profit Roadmap

Your Profit Roadmap is the foundation to break the cycle of "There is never enough money!"

When you have a path to follow there is no Stopping YOU! The Profit Roadmap is exactly that, YOUR Path to Profit.  

  • It will re-enforce why you are doing what you do
  • It will answer the question - Where's my money? 
  • It's the foundation to start you on your path to profitability
  • Give you clarity on why you are not reaching your profit targets
  • Give you actionable steps you can implement today to generate profit in your business

I've trained extensively in this model and I am Certified Profit First Professional AND I use it in my own business.


Putting a Dollar Figure on your WHY!

3 Months Live Group Coaching Course

Do you learn better in a group? Possibly having the benefit of listening to others with similar pain points will help, if so, this program is for you. 

This is the fundamental foundation of your journey to getting paid for your WHY!

Although the Profit First methodology is conceptually simple, the impact it has on your business is tremendous!

You could read the book and go it alone, but there’s a lot to be said for working with a partner who knows your goals for your business and will hold you accountable when the going gets tough because if you could do it yourself, you would!

This course will propel you by leaps and bounds!! It's the difference between "knowing" and "doing".  I could read books all day about building a house but would I actually do it? Would you let me? I hope not, I'm telling you right now, it would fall like a deck of cards. :) 

YOU GET LIVE GROUP COACHING: with me via Zoom each week

PROGRAM INTAKE: January, April, July, October

IMPORTANT NOTE: You’re not getting a bunch of “should do – could do” mumbo jumbo that will sit on your desk and never really do a thing for you. You will use the “tools” to put cash in your pocket, immediately. It’s the real deal, my friend.  

Every dollar you earn has a purpose, Learn it's Purpose and Live your Dreams!

Rocket Launch

Discover the proven system that immediately destroys debt and instantly drives profitability in any business using coaching by Mike Michalowicz to double, then triple, then quadruple your profits.

Cashflow Management

The outcome of this course is to empower you to manage your cash inflows and outflows so you can make solid financial decisions for your business.  I firmly believe you can have anything you want in life if you plan your cash by asking the questions: when is cash received and when should I spend it?

Learn Quickbooks Online!

Not ready to hire a bookkeeper but want a good start?  Step-by-step, how to use QBO for your business.

Tax Prep Checklist & Spreadsheet

Ever thought you could save money at tax time? 

Well guess what? You can!!

Does your accountant charge you extra when you drop off the shoebox of unorganized papers? This Tax Prep Checklist is super simple to use and will have you organized in under 30 minutes per month, saving you time, frustration and most importantly MONEY!!

Don't give away your money if you don't have to, Do it Yourself using the Tax Prep Checklist!

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