Profit First for the Soloprenuer

Soloproneurs, it's time to put Profit First into action, earn your worth and thrive financially!

Although the Profit First methodology is conceptually simple, the impact it has on your business is tremendous!

Here's How, It:

  • Prioritizes Profitability
  • Improves Cash flow
  • Ensures freelancers are taking care of their own financial needs before paying anyone else

No more asking the question: If I can afford it? Instead ask yourself: What day am I doing it?

This Is 100% POSSIBLE FOR YOU! 🤯

This course will propel you by leaps and bounds!! It's the difference between "knowing" and "doing".  

IMPORTANT NOTE: You’re not getting a bunch of “should do – could do” PDF files that will clog your computer storage. You will use the “tools” to put cash in your pocket, immediately. 

Every dollar you earn has a purpose, Learn it's Purpose and Live your Dreams!

No bullshit - no gimmick.  I've trained extensively in this model and am a Certified Profit First Professional AND I use it in my own business. It's how I went from being a solo entrepreneur to having a team. 

And here's the thing, managing your money has nothing to do with reading financial reports and EVERYTHING to do with how you manage money behaviourally.  And the biggest secret of all - I won't make you write a BUDGET - BECAUSE THEY DON'T WORK. 

19 Modules

Module 1: Welcome to Profit First

Quick 15 minute video outlining the concepts of Profit First. 

Modules for this product 19

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