Putting a Dollar Figure on your WHY!

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What if the business YOU created, your dream, could actually start putting CASH in your account tomorrow?   

Most entrepreneurs have fantastic ideas that could grow a rockin' business - BUT HERE'S THE PROBLEM:

82% of entrepreneurs live cheque-to-cheque!  Hoping and praying something will come in so they can meet payroll or pay the vendors that keep calling :-( 

And who's always the last to get paid?  You!!!!  

Even worse, you may have refinanced your house to support this never-ending cash-eating monster of a business.  It seems you just can't EVER get enough money in the door before it flies out again.

That's because you're stuck in a cash-flow model that just doesn't make sense!!!

There is a better way!  

No bullshit - no gimmick.  I've trained extensively in this model and I am Certified Profit First Professional AND I use it in my own business. 

It has nothing to do with how you report your financials and EVERYTHING to do with how you manage money behaviourally.

I coach private clients how to flip their current model to the Profit First Methodology and the transformations are unbelievable.  But here's the thing.  Private coaching is expensive so I've developed this self paced course that delivers the exact same content as if I was coaching you live. And we will have weekly live zoom sessions to hold you accountable to completing the steps in the videos. 

Best of all - it's so simple you can do it on your phone! And NO BUDGETS - THEY DON'T WORK.

15 Modules

Module 1: Welcome to Profit First

Quick 15 minute video outlining the concepts of Profit First. 

Modules for this product 15

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